Keys to A Well-Branded Event


Every aspect of your live event needs to reflect your company’s brand. From lighting colors to the overall ambiance, it’s critical that your attendees experience your brand in every step. Think branded giveaways, beautiful decor and consistent fonts/colors. The little details matter and are worth every penny of your investment. Be sure to also consider what your attendees will take photos and videos of at the event. Do you have a beautiful flower arrangement or a keynote speaker? Branding these popular places is incredibly important so consider having a branded background behind your speakers or a beautiful placard in front of your floral arrangements.


There is no better connection than a face-to-face connection. While you talk with your customers via email, social media and online classes, you will never create a stronger bond than when you see each other in the flesh. Many brands find that hosting a live event is worth the investment just to meet their target audience and leave them with a positive experience.

To achieve an authentic personal connection, encourage the executives of your organization attend the event and remain approachable. People buy from people they know and trust and the goal of doing a great, branded event is to make that relationships more tangible and successful.


This is where your event will really make an impact over the competition. Think outside the box and design an event that will leave a positive lasting impression all attendees. The more engaging, the better. Use entertainment to draw in a crowd and keep their attention throughout the event. Take risks!


Social media is a great tool to prolong the life span of your event. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to share the success of your event and encourage your attendees to do the same. Make it easy for them to share the content via RFID or integrated iPad apps. Also, create picture perfect photo and video moments at your events so attendees can more easily share QUALITY, branded content from your event.


Events are part of a long term strategy when executed well. As the event is ending, provide incentives as a way to get your guests to remember your brand. Whether it’s a coupon for a future service, a giveaway for free product or an invitation to your next event, capture an excited audience and give them reason to stay engaged. This is paramount for your brand as you look to grow a fan base that is familiar with you and passionate about the way you treat your consumers.

Article provided by CEvent